Please allow us to introduce our farm. Stark Farms is comprised of roughly 55 acres of land in the Odessa area of Hillsborough County, Florida. The property is home to a 1700's historical barn, a manor house, stables and more. Our mission is to promote the goodness of God, Family and Country! And we will do so by opening the Stark Farm to the community to enjoy just as our family does. 

The Barn 

The Barn at Stark Farms is a historic 230+ year old hand-hewn, post and beam barn that was professionally tagged and dismantled in New Hampshire in the summer of 2013, trucked to Odessa, Florida​ later that year and painstakingly reconstructed for the next 2.5 years.

Stark Barn circa 1786 Dunbarton, NH

Circa 1700's - Hand Built in Dunbarton, NH

The barn was built in the late 1700’s on the Stark Family Farm in Dunbarton, New Hampshire. John Stark, a General in the Continental Army, and his son Caleb both served with distinction in the Revolutionary War. 

General John Stark and his New Hampshire militia fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill, then the battle of Bennington and other battles; he also reinforced General George Washington’s tattered army in Delaware. General Stark served on the panel for the court martial of Major Benedict Arnold who was subsequently hung for treason. General Stark also penned the state motto for New Hampshire “live free or die”. 

A portrait of General Stark hangs in the White House and was donated by Jacquelin Kennedy, wife of the late President John F Kennedy.

Circa 2014 - Rebuilt in Odessa, FL

The Barn at Stark Farms promotes Florida Agritourism. The farm is a 15 acre+/- parcel within Hillsborough County with agricultural rural zoning and a “greenbelt”, a necessary requirement for Florida Agritourism. 

Stark Farms is approximately one mile west of the Suncoast Highway on Lutz Lake Fern Road. The farm has full frontage on the Upper Tampa Bay Trail, a paved recreational biking, jogging and walking trail. The trail head for the Upper Tampa Bay Trail is adjacent to Stark Farms.

The overarching theme of the Barn at Stark Farms will be “God, Family and Country” to inform children about America’s Judeo Christian beginnings, the importance of family and the sacrifices our forefathers made for liberty and religious freedom as well as an appreciation of American agriculture and its progress from colonial times.

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The Barn at Stark Farms educates  children through barn tours citing the history of the barn and its heroic builders, explaining the type of construction and use, and explanation and “hands on” use of early building equipment and techniques from the colonial era.

The Barn at Stark Farms contains antiques tools from New England and a library of Revolutionary War era books and maps for instruction and illustration. Colonial era men’s and women’s clothes will be available for photo shoots as personalized memorabilia of your visit.

The Barn at Stark Farms  offers family bonding and reconciliation and/or company retreats in historic and natural setting as a refreshing, relaxing contrast to urban hotel and meeting rooms.

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Stark Farm is intended to be a “step back in time” rural life experience. Stark Barn will offer barn style, guest lodging, ceremonies and family reunions. Rustic weddings will be offered on the Stark Farm grounds and utilize the Barn at Stark Farms for the weddings including wedding party preparation and the honeymoon night stay.

The Barn at Stark Farms will host small Bible study groups in its chapel by invitation only.

Country music nights, small bonfires and outdoor movies are planned on the lawn during weekends.

Special events such as:

• Special Valentine’s Day catered meal;

• Easter egg hunts;

• Fourth of July colonial re-enactments;

• Harvest Festivals including a corn maze;

• Thanksgiving Day appreciation; and,

• A celebration of the true meaning of Christmas.

Each special celebration will include a walk back in time to colonial and Revolutionary War era

A small Farmers Market is planned for one Saturday per week and include sale of organic produce, home- made products, newly created specialty products. Demonstrations in candle making, blacksmithing and soap making are planned.


The Barn at Stark Farms has a self-tour beginning to the farm experience with gardening education,​ bee hives and antique tractor and farm equipment displays.  Picnic tables are available for use.

Natural wildlife, deer and turkeys as well as trails for bird watching occur on property and also walking in the 1,000 acre Brooker Creek Wildlife Sanctuary.

Special events include tractor driven hay rides and after hours stargazing.

The Barn at Stark Farm offers certain assistance to bikers, joggers and walkers on the Upper Tampa Bay Trail including outdoor showers, bike rack for short visits and overflow parking.



The Barn at Stark Farms is a “step back in time” rural life experience offering barn style, guest lodging, ceremonies and family reunions. Rustic weddings are offered on the grounds and utilize 

The Barn at Stark Farms for weddings including rehearsal dinners, wedding party use and the honeymoon night stay.

The Barn at Stark Farms hosts small Bible study groups in its chapel by invitation only.

Each special celebration includes a walk back in time to colonial and Revolutionary War era.